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Replacement Pre-sediment 5 micron filter cartridge

Pre-sediment 5 micron non-woven pleat pack replacement filter for Propur® Home Pre-Sediment.

Replacement ElectroCharged™ Sub-micron filter cartridge

Replacement ElectroCharged™ Sub-micron Pleated Filter Cartridge.

Propur® Home Pre-sediment Filter Assembly

The Propur® HOME Pre-sediment filter is a single stage system designed to help remove heavy sediment and particulates including dirt, rust, sand, silt and debris only. Installs inline with the Propur® HOME system. Helps protect the Propur® HOME system and home appliances from the potential damaging effects of sediment build up. Works with city or well water application. Includes heavy duty housing, a 5-micron non-woven pleat pack filter, mounting bracket and wrench for easy removal of sump housing for filter replacement. ¾” port on both inlet and outlet. Quick connect fittings available (optional).

Replacement HOME Tank 3

Propur® Home replacement tank 3 for chlorine.

Replacement HOME Tank 1 & 2

Propur® Home replacement tank 1 & 2 for contaminants.

Propur HOME 4 stage system with rack

The Propur® HOME system Removes a broad range of 220+ contaminants including fluoride Includes a scale inhibitor to help protect your “plumbed-in” water using appliances from the damaging effects of limescale build-up