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ProPur Inline Connect FS-10 Faucet Kit

Optional counter top faucet kit includes washers, plastic tubing, connector, screws and single chrome faucet.

ProPur ProMaxTM Inline ConnectTM Refrigerator Filter

PM100-IC Universal inline refrigerator/ice maker water filter New Propur® Inline Connect™ series universal water filtration system for refrigerator/ice maker. Features new ProMax™ Filter Technology which removes over 200 contaminants

Prour Inline Connect FS-10 Replacement Filter

FS10 ProMax™ FULL SPECTRUM™ high efficiency encapsulated multi-stage water filter technology from Propur® . Our most advanced water filter element.

ProPur Inline Connect FS-10

Introducing the new Propur® Inline Connect FS10 under-counter water filtration system featuring NEW ProMax™ FULL SPECTRUM™ Hybrid filter technology for optimum filtered water on demand.