What might possibly outperform a floor safe? A diversion safe might be the answer. These are safes that don’t look like safes also called diversion safes and a great way to protect your valuables, even in plain sight. Diversion safes are both effective and extremely cost efficient. The average home burglary takes less than 6 minutes to search your home and it’s usually the most common places (under the mattress, dresser drawer, closet, kitchen drawer) which makes diversion safes a smart way to keep your valuables secure. Designed to look like common household items, diversion safes keep guns, jewelry, money hidden in plain sight!

Diversion safes come in a variety styles and sizes and are the most cost efficient method of securing your valuables.

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Mantle Gun Clock

MSRP : $89.00
It looks and works like a classic mantel clock, but don't be fooled, for this clock also features a hidden storage compartment that lets you conceal valuables, a weapon and more.

Tall Gun Clock

MSRP : $99.99

Patriotic Flag Concealed Gun Case

MSRP : $99.99
Here is a Very nice way of Displaying the Flag while Protecting your Valuables

Walnut Quick Shelf RFID Safe

MSRP : $481.99
Hide and secure your valuables in this beautiful wood shelf. Money or Jewelry. Medicine or other valuables.