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Not  all products have the same shipping. Some may be free shipping and still others may give you discounted shipping on the purchase of multiple items of the same type.

As is the case with any type of mail or shipping, your shipping time may vary.

Although we try to make sure that we process your order as quickly as we can, SHOP RBN cannot guarantee the the speed of processing time from shipping centers, or the speed of the delivery service.

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Yes. You will receive an email with this information. You can also log into your account at any time to see this and any past purchases information

Does anyone remember?


Your payment will be processed at time of checkout. Sometimes there may be a slight delay, but payment will be processed immediately on checkout.

The “Wish List” is there for you.

When you are logged into your account, you can place items that either you plan on buying in the future, or items you purchase often, or what ever you like, in to your “Wish List”.

Then next time you come to shop, these items will be saved for you. Just click on the “Wish List” icon ( a Heart at the top right ), and your saved items will be there.

In case of a damaged, faulty, or wrongly shipped order, please refer to the return and replacement instructions included with your package.

Over the years and the many discussions, we’ve decided, it’s your choice and we don’t really want to know.

On orders where “Package Tracking” is available, you can click to view the shipping progress of your order. This is not available for all orders.